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Spring Break Necessities and Nordstrom Styling Program!

Since Seattle clearly cannot make up it’s mind about the type of weather it wants to have, spring break is the perfect time to get away! Hawaii, California, Mexico, the Bahamas…the options are endless really :) So I decided to go to Northgate Mall with my roommate Lex the other night to take a look at all the cute summer clothes. I must admit, it made me so hungry for the sun! I have lived in Seattle my whole life, and every winter (let’s be honest October through mid-July) I don’t know how I survived through the constant cloud cover, drizzle, snow, and wetness. The summers definitely make it worth it, as we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. I digress, here are some adorable items one needs for taking a spring break vacation! Whether it’s a weekend getaway to Vegas, or a cruise through Jamaica, Northgate has lots for you!

First up: Forever 21

This made me smile SO big when I saw this wall. Bathing suits, towels, beach bags, floppy hats, sandals…all I want to do is be on a beach! You could seriously get everything you needed for your vacation at Forever 21 (except food).

I also loved the bright necklaces (ended up buying the neon necklace below) and fun arm candy

When I saw this mint green floppy hat, I almost fainted. I wanted it so bad, but it seemed just a tad bit too early to be buying such a large sun hat. Perhaps if it was a fedora I could rock the loud color–maybe I’ll have to go back.

Next up, American Eagle. I haven’t really shopped in an American Eagle much since high school, and I couldn’t remember why when I stepped into the store! With tons of cute scarves, hats, shorts, dresses, and accessories…I could kick myself for constantly skipping over this store! Note to self: GO BACK MORE OFTEN!

I love the lightweight scarves to thrown on for a chilly night. They had so many gorgeous colors and patterns:

Everyone needs the perfect pair of denim shorts and some fun printed sunglasses:

Such as Forever 21, they had a wall full of bikinis, sun hats, and sandals:

After that, we went to Express and they had some great colored shorts, as well as neon striped tops:

But the item that caught my eye (and that I ended up purchasing) was this sequin skirt:

It catches the light beautifully and I love the tribal print of it. The sequins still keep it girly and fresh, and this would be such a great skirt to wear a night to a fancy dinner!

Finally, we stopped by Nordstrom and hit the jackpot with shoes. I LOVED these fun printed ones:

I had to hold myself back from purchasing these Jessica Simpson heels. SO CUTE!:

They had so many sandals with intricate details:

Crushing hardcore on those candy-colored Sperry’s

Up in B.P. they had some great arm candy. Ever since last summer I have jumped on the arm party bandwagon and love the look of stacked friendship bracelets!

I did not get anything from Nordstrom this trip because about 2 weeks ago I was invited into the Nordstrom at Northgate Mall to shop with Ashley, a stylist in Savvy. She is probably the cutest person I have ever seen in my entire life, and I had a blast shopping with her! We set up a time for me to come into the store, and before my appointment she emailed me a questionnaire to fill out letting her know my sizes, colors I was interested in, what I was lacking in my wardrobe, etc. I got all tops that I could dress up for work, but still look nice and wear out on weekends. I ended up getting 1 casual white blouse/tunic, 1 ruffly work shirt, 2 camis and a tank top! Ashley made me feel like royalty and she was so helpful in pulling not only things that I had specifically requested, but things she thought would look good on me. She pushed me out of my comfort zone a little (which I appreciated) with colors I usually do not purchase, or styles of clothing. All in all, if you are ever in Nordstrom at Northgate I highly recommend you ask about their stylist program. Brochures are set up throughout the store, so it is very accessible and easy to find someone to help you shop!

Hope you all find what you need for spring break at Northgate, have a fabulous Thursday! xoxoxoxo

I am the official Simon Mall blogger contributor for Northgate Mall. I was given a $50 mall gift card to go shopping and to write about my findings, as well as a $50 Nordstrom gift card to try their shopping program. All opinions are my own, and everything I talk about is because I like it!