I Really Love My…Chambray Shirts

Uh oh, repeat offender alert…

chambray shirts

under a jacket | as a lightweight jacket with a skirt | dressing it up with a leather pencil skirt | with sequins | with colored jeans | layering under a sweatshirt

So yes. I love me some chambray. I cannot help but wear them all the time. They’re a perfect shirt, layering piece, lightweight jacket, and overall closet staple. I have three (one light, one medium, one dark) and they’re great for any occasion. Whether I want to wear them with denim, colored jeans, a skirt, under a jacket, a sweatshirt, with heels, or with sneakers it doesn’t matter – it just works.

How do you wear your chambray shirts?

(Btw mine shown above are from Madewell and River Island)

Shop some of my favorite Chambray shirts here:

8 Responses to I Really Love My…Chambray Shirts

  1. I still have yet to own a chambray shirt, but you look adorable and I may just need to pick one up!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  2. What a great idea! Love all the outfit combinations you have here. I have a couple chambray shirts as well and find myself wearing them A LOT. :)

  3. Love the chambray with sequins and lace! My favorite combo is leopard accessories like belts and scarves, or with lots of pearls!

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