How To: Lighten Your Hair With Lemon Juice

On my last day in Hawaii, I decided that I wanted to lighten my hair (even more than the sun already naturally had). I used an old trick that my mom and her friends used to do as kids–lighten my hair with lemon juice. The acids in lemon juice lightens the pigments in your hair, and the sunshine magnifies the effects. Because I was in the sunshine all week, my hair lightened pretty easily. However you may have to do this a few times. I love this because it saves a trip to the salon in between touch-ups, and is a fun thing to experiment with during the sunshiney days.

Step 1: Take 1 large lemon, or 2 regular sized lemons, and cut them in half.

Step 2: Take the juice and either run it through your hair with your hands, or spray with a spray bottle for an all-over lighten.

Step 3: Let sit for an hour or two, if you can help it, in the sunshine.

Step 4: Rinse out, and enjoy :)

However, a few things to note.

1. Because lemon juice is acidic, it will dry out your hair. Be sure to condition your hair very well after this treatment. I recommend leaving your conditioner on overnight and rinsing it out in the shower the next morning.

2. Do not do this everyday, as your hair will get too dry and fall out. You could do this once a week, or every 2 weeks in the summer.

3. Do not do this, and then go swimming. Your hair will turn green, and it will sting your eyes. You have been warned.

Let me know if you’ve tried this before, or if you would be interested in trying it! Because I live in Seattle, I really have no opportunity to do this on a weekly basis, however if you live in a sunny place such as Arizona, California, or Miami I’d try this out :)


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